Daniel shared his thoughts on our Repair Shots

"I've played professional football over the past 15 years, from League to the Champions League, Premier League and International football for Scotland. I came about the Nutrition X Repair Shot through Professor Graeme whilst at Nottingham Forest Football Club, when I was out of action with a serious injury. I had an option of surgery, which would have been 6/7 months out injured, or self-healing and rehab; which was 3 months.

I chose the latter and on the advice of Professor Close and started using Nutrition X’s Repair Shots on a daily basis and I’m almost certain they helped in my rehabilitation and healing of my injury, and still to this day I have repair collagen shots on a daily basis. I would recommend that anybody looking to help with joint injury recovery, or prevent injury for that matter,& start using these Repair Shots."

Daniel Fox, Wigan Athletic FC