Injury Recovery Diet Plan

An unwanted but natural occurrence for any athletes is that at some point in time they will suffer some form of injury or even require surgery to correct a problem.

With this in mind is is important to understand what to do, and how the correct nutrition with the proper supplementation may help the athlete heal properly and get back into training and competitions quicker.


  • The first thing to remember is that when an athlete is injured they are likely to be using up much less energy on a daily basis than when training. So the first important message is to cut down on your daily energy intake. Consider taking about 500kcal less than your BMR. 

  • If you examine the 'Dieters' plan, you can get an idea of what is needed i.e. less energy intake, less carbohydrates (and make sure you stop all high GI carbohydrate foods and drink), and more protein (about 2 -2.5g per kg body mass).

  • If the muscle is the cause of the injury (e.g. hamstring pull/strain) then consider trying to stimulate the muscle to repair itself by feeding it protein - in particular BCAA's.  

  • If the injury is due to ligament/tendon/cartilage etc. then repair of such tissues will likely benefit from taking Repair Shots. We suggest you take one or two 60ml servings per day at any time. 
  • If the injury is due to a fracture of bone, then maintaining muscle and other supporting tissues with Repair Shots will be advantageous. However, additionally it is important to take Vitamin D and Calcium as well as Omega-3 fish oil (we would recommend Healthspan Elite range of products for athletes since they are also Informed-Sport approved).

  • If you are preparing for surgery, then consider taking at least two servings per day of either Big Whey or Repair Shots in the 5-7 days before the operation. This is to get your body into what is known as a positive nitrogen balance. 

  • Additionally you could add Nighttime Protein before bedtime too. 

  • Whilst recovering from the operation continue to take 1-2 servings of Big Whey or Repair Shots or both for a period of 2 - 4 weeks. 

  • If the surgery is to repair cartilage/joint then add the Repair Shots after the operation. 

  • If the surgery is bone-related then  add Vitamin D and Calcium.

Please see the diagram below for more information