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Our special offers can save you up to 40% off, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some impressive savings. Our bulk buys are also a great way to save money on some of our most popular products, including Big Whey, Xplode Shots, Pro X Protein Bars and our Amino Protein Shots.

Looking for supplements to help you meet specific training goals? Our range of bundles could be just the ticket;supplement collections which complement each other brilliantly, helping you achieve your targets. What’s more, you can enjoy up to a 40% saving on the products when purchased as a bundle.

If you’re a cyclist, take a look at our Ultimate Cycling Collection, containing four of our key supplements focused around hydration, energy and carbohydrate availability, to help you keep those wheels turning no matter what the distance. Alternatively, if you’re looking to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass, then our Dieter’s Bundle could be for you.

Other popular bundles include our Injury Recovery and Gainer’s Bundles, great for using alongside our recommended diet plans containing menu examples, training advice and expert nutrition tips.

Cost Per Serving: From £2.08
Two potential causes of fatigue during exercise are depletion of muscle carbohydrate and also mental fatigue (brain fatigue). Caffeine has been demonstrated to promote mental alertness and also to stimulate fat availability - which, in turn, can spare muscle carbohydrate. Xplode is an innovative ..
£45.98 £49.98
Big Whey Bulk Buy
-18 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.91
Whey protein powders such as Big Whey provide your muscles with the amino acids necessary to assist in muscle recovery, the rebuilding of muscle tissue and improvement of muscle tone. Although whey protein is a good source of these amino acids, there are a few amino acids that our bodies need an ext..
£134.97 £164.97
Cost Per Serving: From £2.08
The Nutrition X Protein Bars has been formulated to provide a high protein, low sugar snack for athletes on the go! One of the main considerations when designing the bars was the idea of providing athletes and sports teams with a convenient snack alternative to a protein shake.  The N..
£45.98 £49.98
Cost Per Serving: From £1.92
The Nutrition X Repair Shot is our revolutionary new recovery supplement, packed with 20g of collagen and a unique formulation of vitamins and minerals to assist with joint recovery and repair; particularly useful for athletes suffering with joint injury or pain. Collagen is the most abundant p..
£45.98 £49.98
The Ultimate 'Cycling' Collection
-30 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.51
The Ultimate 'Cycling' collection combines 4 key products to optimize performance with a specific focus on hydration, energy and carbohydrate availability Energel+ Reduction of the body's carbohydrate is a potential fatigue factor in sporting situations. That is why many athletes eat..
£76.75 £109.96
The Ultimate 'Raw Range' Bundle
-30 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.05
To celebrate the Raw Ingredients becoming Informed-Sport accredited we are offering 40% OFF the Raw Range Bundle to help you tailor your nutrition and training. Creatine Monohydrate is great for short duration explosive sports such as sprinting, weight lifting and rugby, creatine p..
£38.47 £54.97
Cost Per Serving: From £2.00
Want the full Nutrition X experience, but not sure what products to try? We've created the Nutrition X Ultimate 'Sample' Bundle, consisting of individually packed 2 x Pro X Brownie Bars, 2 x Energel+ Sachets, 2 x Xplode Shots,and 2 x Repair ShotsXplode shot is an innovative product which, ..
The Ultimate Vitamin Bundle
-20 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.12
The Ultimate Vitamin Bundle provides you with a daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals, scientifically formulated to help boost immune system, assist with recovery and limit the risk of micro-nutrient deficiencies; all helping you keep at the top of your game.Daily Omega 3 (120 x 1000mg sof..
£46.37 £57.97
The Ultimate 'Dieters' Bundle
-30 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.60
The Ultimate Dieters Bundle was created in order to give weightlifters that extra edge during both competition and training. The Big Whey and Xplode Shots have all been included to support this dynamic and explosive sport by providing recovery, strength and power through high quality & tested sp..
£55.99 £79.99
The Ultimate 'Gainers' Bundle
-32 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.63
The Ultimate 'Gainers' Bundle has been designed for any athlete who wishes to increase their body weight by adding lean muscle mass. Ultimate (2kg) contains key active ingredients to increase lean muscle mass, strength and power, whilst decreasing body fat. It also helps prolong the onse..
£104.99 £153.97
The Ultimate 'Injury Recovery' Bundle
-30 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.64
Correct nutrition and supplementation may help an athlete heal properly and get back to training and competition quicker. The Ultimate 'Injury Recovery' Bundle combines the ideal formulation of BCAA's and Collagen to support the recovery periodRepair Shots (12 x 60ml)  are our revolutionary new..
£55.99 £79.98
The Ultimate 'Recovery' Bundle
-33 %
Cost Per Serving: From £0.50
The Ultimate 'Recovery' Bundle contains products that are essential for recovering between sessions and/or between matches to ensure that performance at the next session or match is to be maximised. Please note that the BCAA Plus is an optional extra and isn't included in the price shown. MRM..
£47.99 £71.99
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