Informed Sport - Nutrition X

Here at Nutrition X, we’re proud to be fully Informed-Sport accredited, meaning that each and every product you see in our supplement collection has been certified by the rigorous Informed-Sport testing process.

What is informed-sport?

Informed-Sport is a quality-assurance programme for sports nutrition products and suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, working to independently test supplements for a wide range of substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substance list.

Through its rigorous testing process, Informed-Sport is able to identify which supplements are safer for athletes to use, rewarding them with Informed-Sport accreditation should they be found to contain no banned substances during testing. Products certified as Informed-Sport accredited bear the Informed-Sport logo, making it as easy as possible for athletes to make safer choices when it comes to supplementation.

informed-sport and nutrition x

We’re very proud that each and every one of our sports nutrition products is batch-tested and Informed-Sport accredited, giving our customers and athletes the peace of mind that each product has been tested for substances listed on the WADA banned-substance list.

We understand how important it is for clubs, athletes and professional nutritionists to be confident that the products they’re using are free from banned substances; a chief reason why we made the decision to become fully Informed-Sport accredited from an early stage. We also make our batch certificates for each product readily available should you need extra reassurance – simply use our Batch Certificate Request Form to request them.

For more information on the Informed-Sport certification process, visit their website here.