Maintainers Diet Plan

The below Diet Plan provides athletes who wish to keep their body weight constant whilst exercising a guide to help maintain their goals.


  • Eat 6 meals or snacks per day.
  • Avoid high GI carb foods, especially at night - reduce or better still avoid bread, potato, rice, pasta.
  • Increase your protein intake to around 2-3g per kg body mass per day.
  • Ensure you have an appropriate training programme in place e.g. cardio sessions in consultation with trained professionals and sound medical advice.
  • Always take a Protein shake before a training session i.e. Big Whey.


  • Carbohydrates (200-350g) - porridge or muesli at breakfast, reducing portions of bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and replacing with vegetable, salad and fruit.
  • Protein (200-300g) - 600g of meat/fish will give you 150g protein, then there is milk and eggs (you could also get at least 100g from Nutrition X protein shakes).
  • Fat (80-100g) - from fish, nuts, cheese, red meat.
  • 2-4 litres of water or or 3-4 litres for larger athletes or 2-3 litres for smaller athletes.


  • Big Whey (Whey Protein) - low carb, low fat, high quality protein.
  • Nighttime Protein (Casein Protein) - Promotes muscle protein recovery.


For any athlete who wishes to keep their body weight constant whilst exercising should attempt to match their nutritional intake with the energy expended. A realistic energy intake should be around 2500 – 4500 kcal/day for males and around 2300-3600 kcal/day for females depending on size and level of activity in a day. As a very rough calculation you should calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and then add around 600 kcal for every 1 hour session you do in a day and then a further 1000 kcal for other activities including eating, walking, work etc. The BMR is around 1600-2000 kcal/day for males and around 1300-1600 kcal/day for females.

Of course you can check whether you are in balance by weighing yourself regularly (say every 2-3 days in the first instance and then weekly thereafter). The guidelines below provide some simple ideas, using Nutrition X products, to help you reach your goal.


Breakfast - Porridge/muesli, 2 eggs with 1-2 slices wholegrain toast, yoghurt & fruit. Apple juice.

Mid Morning - Big Whey or Snack

Lunch - Chicken & pasta & salad, or sandwich with extra meat/fish, or tuna pasta bake, or Chicken curry & wholegrain rice & vegetables.

Mid Afternoon - Big Whey or Snack

Dinner - Soup, steak & baked potato wedges & salad/vegetables, or Lamb/pork kebabs & wholemeal pitta & salad.

Supper - Tuna/ham salad or Hypnos