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Quality Assurance

Nutrition X's Quality Assurance
At Nutrition X, we’re committed to providing each of our athletes with the highest level of quality, safety and service at all times. How we do that is simple:


All Nutrition X sports nutrition products are scientifically formulated by a world-leading team of nutritionists, led by Professor Don MacLaren and Professor Graeme Close who each boast years of experience with teams such as England RUFC and Liverpool FC, as well as extensive scientific knowledge.

Our manufacturers then use rigorously-assessed raw ingredients of the highest quality to create each of our supplements, ensuring that every ingredient used adheres to EU legislation and contains no substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned substance list.


As part of our commitment to clean sport, every supplement in our product range is Informed-Sport accredited, giving our athletes the peace of mind that they’re making a safer choice when using any of our products.

We also make our batch test certificates readily-available for each of our supplements to give our athletes extra reassurance; simply request them via our dedicated contact form here.


We’re dedicated to ensuring that your experience with Nutrition X is of the highest possible standard at all times.

Our expert customer service team is on hand to help with any enquiries you may have relating to your order, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re also passionate about education when it comes to improving sporting performance and have lots of useful advice on the blog section of our website, as well as downloadable ‘Science Behind’ information for each of our products - explaining exactly how they work and why.