Nutrition X's Consultancy

The Nutrition X Consultancy is a full-service sports nutrition consultancy run by our world-leading panel of sports and performance nutritionists. Offering a range of services to elite athletes, sports clubs, recreational athletes and those working within the sport industry, The Nutrition X Consultancy aims to help those from a wide range of sporting disciplines maximise their potential by giving them access to education, body analysis, personalised nutrition plans and one-on-one sessions.

Drawing on our 50+ years of experience within the sports nutrition industry, our specialist consultancy services are personally-tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. To find out more about who we’ve worked with check out our Testimonials page or complete the contact form below.


  • Performance Nutrition Talks and Seminars
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Hydration Testing
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Menu and Meal Plans
  • Supplement Plans
  • Periodised Nutrition Plans
  • One-to-One Advice Sessions


For athletes needing regular, specialist nutrition support, we also offer the following services on a consultancy and monthly basis, giving you direct access to our world-leading sports nutrition specialists whenever you need. Available in a range of different options from one-off consultations to monthly support sessions, our service for athletes includes:

  • Initial In-Depth Consultation
  • Comprehensive Diet and Nutritional Needs Analysis
  • Personalised Menu Planning
  • Weekly Progress Check-Ins
  • Unlimited Direct Support
  • Personalised Nutrition Manual
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Monthly 60 Minute Consultation 

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